Sunday, December 8, 2019

Molly and her girl

So, right now I'm getting a late night meal together for the boy and me. Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. Though I suspect I thinned out the spaghetti sauce too much for the kid. But, that's what happens when you go on fly of your pants. I may try to rethicken it with the ground up cheese. If anyone else can think of ways to rethicken jarred spaghetti sauce, put it in comments.
But, I came on today to show this layout I made up that is of a picture I love of Molly and my older girl when she was little. They are close and best friends. Now that they are both older, Molly no longer sleeps with her and that makes her a bit sad. At almost 15, we all have noticed that she jumps on beds much less than she used to. This picture was taken with them doing their infamous nose rubs.

For this layout, I'm even submitting it for a challenge. I don't expect much since I have seen how well everyone else who submits theirs have looked. But, my biggest thought is that the best way to get better is to do these and hope for good criticism. Again, I had printer issues. But I have learned if the printer won't work in one program, the other one will print it. 
With this layout, I tried a few different techniques. I should start by mentioning I do my photo editing in LibreOffice Draw while the photos are taken on my phone. I changed the photo, which I should mention is just as pretty in color, to black and white. I also added the pink border and the light pink font. The font is a standard font in the program, since I haven't made time to pick up some free ones I want. Lastly, I hand drew pink circles and dots around part of the page in marker. 
I used stickers from the Dollar Tree from Jot. My stamps for Molly (yes it smeared after I stamped it) came from Michaels as did the black ink. I used the papers from both Mischief Manor (black polka dot) and Uptown Chic paper pads. There was one Tim Holtz rub-on.

For the challenge, I did black and white. That would be both the image and border paper for picture. Also, I did pink and circles. Lastly, I did friendship theme since this to document the history of the friendship between Molly and her girl.
I can see myself doing more because it was fun to find a good inspiration for certain pictures I want to keep.


  1. What an adorable picture! I LOVE the layout. The hand drawn circles make it extra special. What a perfect way to remember a special moment in time. I am so glad you shared with us at Festive Friday this brightened my day!

  2. I. LOVE. THIS. I feel honored that our challenge would inspire you enough to create such a beautiful memory, and to SHARE it! I love my cats like children - so full of unconditional love and compassion. I think your layout is beautiful. It's nicely arranged and well-thought out. I think my only constructive comment would be to leave more space around your layout so we can see the whole thing. This may help you to frame it better as a square. Photographing our projects well is something that takes time and practice. Keep at it and you'll feel more and more comfortable sharing online! Thank you so much for linking up with us this week. I hope we see you again soon at Festive Friday!

  3. Heather, your project and your blog post just brought a smile to my face! I absolutely love your layout, with all of the special touches you added. Most importantly, I love the memory you shared between Molly and your daughter. We have 4 feline companions and they are so special to us. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity over at Festive Friday! Looking forward to seeing more of your creative inspiration in the future. Have a great day!

  4. Congratulations! Your project was selected as a Festive Fave over at the Festive Friday Challenge. As a reminder, you can hop over to the challenge to grab your winners badge for your blog. Thanks so much for joining us and I hope you will play along again really soon!

  5. Congratulations on being selected as a Festive Fave! I hope you will join us again!!!

  6. Your layout is wonderful, lots of great touches. You captured a wonderful moment in time and documented it. SImply lovely. Thank you for playing along with the Festive Friday CHallenge and I hope you will join us again very soon!


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